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What the differences between the Scoop light and LED downlight? What the benefits of LED downlight? Except the fact that they themselves are belong to LED category, how do thy differ from the applications from each other?

1、what is the LED downlight?

LED flood lighting (LED Downlight), also known as spotlight, is mainly used for decorative lighting such as architectural lighting purposes, as well as commercial space lighting, with its round and square shapes. Since the the cooling functions should be take into consideration, its appearance is differ from the traditional scoop light.

2、LED downlight characteristics:

The most common LED downlight currently seen in the market is basically 1W high-power LED (each LED components will be with a high light effect lens made by PMMA, its main function is secondary distribution of LED light, which means secondary optics).There are a few companies also choose 3W or more high power LED as their thermal technology processing good. Those LED downlights are suitable for large flood lighting, buildings lighting and so on.LED downlights are controlled with built-in micro chip and can be used without controller in small engineering applications, can be used without controller and achieving dynamic lighting effects like flashing, random flashing and so on. Alternatively chasing or scanning by DMX control.

3、What is the LED scoop light: LED scoop lights were one of the most widely used light source in the renderings produced. LED scoop lights are used to illuminate the entire scene, they can be applied in a scene to produce better effect. It is a particular point in all directions evenly irradiated object, to analog light bulbs and candles are best though. The LED scoop light can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, can be placed outside the scope of the camera , or objects inside. It is common to install various color of scoop light in a scene. These dark projection and floodlights can be mixed on the model. Due to large scope of scoop light illumination, it is very easy to predict its lighting effects. There are many secondary uses of those lighting , for example, position the LED scoop light in locations close to the surface, you can have a bright light on it. It is important to note that scoop light cannot be established too much, or else rendering will seem bland and dull. So in making out in renderings, pay more attention to the experience of lighting layout parameters and effect on the whole figure of the lighting of the scene, accumulate more experience, having the right mix of skills in lighting.- - See more about solar water heater products at: